Introduction to Manga and Anime

Manga is a comic art developed in Japan and that it has become the most popular reading in these time. Anime popularized by Japanese people have already reached the end of the world. Anime in Japan is very famous all through out the country and almost all people in Japan read Manga. Reading and watching manga is very interesting since it comes from different genres. You can just choose what kind of genre you will read. This time there are lots of stories in fantasy, fairy tale, comedy category. Manga and Anime  is the best artworks in Japan being developed to this very day.

To understand, Anime is Japanese genre of drawing that is locally named by the Japanese Animators. Anime is an animation that characterized the style of a Japanese drawing. There is somewhat use of cubism in their drawing unlike Western animation style. This is why Anime refers to a Japanese animation. There are numerous type of artworks in the field of Anime such as Manga. It is such a great mistake to think that Manga differs from Anime. In other words, Anime is the style of drawing and Manga is the product of this anime. Under anime is what we see in the television such as Naruto, Flames of Recca, and many more. Manga is a comic book where you can also make a presumption that stories are also based from the western stories. Of course, not all because Manga has its sole identity that bears the culture and tradition of the Japanese.